Visit Goa, a journey suffused with anticipation, meaningful moments, riotous colours, exotic smells, mouth watering cuisine, warmth, friendliness, spirituality and so much more. Our 7 day tours package is designed to let you experience the real Goa with a wide choice of carefully chosen all inclusive excursions and trips specially designed for your effortless enjoyment. The trips are optional which means once you’re here in Goa you can select those that appeal to you the most, giving you both the flexibility and the opportunity to combine the package without compromising your individuality and leisure priorities. Relax while your own personal dedicated tour manager takes care of all your travel needs. From the moment you arrive in Goa he will take care of all the little details, leaving you free to enjoy every moment of your holiday. From early morning to late evening an air- conditioned car and driver is at your disposal. During the day he will escort you to the excursion of your choice and in the evening he will be on-hand if required, to take you to one of the vast array of local restaurants serving divine Indian, Goan and International cuisine. We will be here to look after you from the moment you arrive to the moment you have to say a reluctant farewell to this majestic land and we guarantee, the more you explore, the more you will be captivated by this little haven!

Cashew Nut Processing Factory

Cashew nut cultivation is one of Goa’s important cash crops.Visit a local processing unit to see the process of cashew preparation, still being manufactured with age-old, time tested processing methods. Expensive and time consuming these traditional methods have been maintained as it results in a much sweeter kernel and preserves all the natural value of the nut.If you’re fortunate enough to visit Goa from March to May you can see the cashew crop being processed.

Tour the site with a guide to understand the process of producing the cashew kernel from the raw cashew nut and buy some delicious fresh nuts to enjoy on your journey home.

Charity Visit

Visit a children’s charity that is dear to our hearts. See for yourself the important job they do and what an inspiration they are. Visit a local charity dedicated to helping some of the most disadvantaged children in the area or visit an International charity caring for abandoned and orphaned children from birth. On the journey back join us to experience a fish-curry-rice lunch at a traditional Goan restaurant. Popular with the locals this staple lunch includes a delicious piece of crispy fried kingfish or mackerel steeped in a thin unctuous coconut tamarind with a red chilli sauce served with a heaped mound of perfectly cooked rice.

Indian Cooking Experience

Spend a fun relaxed day with a local chef in our cookery school in Goa for a fun hands-on cooking experience. The morning begins with a visit to the bustling local market to buy the fresh ingredients and aromatic spices.

Learn about the aromatic spices used in Indian cuisine. Make fresh garam masala used to enhance the flavour and aroma of many Indian dishes. Prepare the perfect sauce to make an authentic curry. Cook rice to perfection and make a tasty dish of jeera or palau rice. Lunch will be served al-fresco on the wonderful shaded terrace, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a selection of delicious local Indian food and tasty side dishes prepared by our chefs for you to savour and enjoy.

Dolphin Trip

Come aboard and enjoy your own exclusive dolphin cruise to observe these majestic marine mammals in their natural habitat. Species found in Goa’s sparkling waters include the Indo-Pacific Humpback and Common Black Finned Porpoise.Marvel at their grace and agility as you sail along and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding North Goa coastline as you relax and watch the stunning sun setting in the distance.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfalls at 2,000 feet high, are the highest falls in India. Dudhsagarmeans the “sea of milk”, named after the white foam created from the force of the water as it drops. Perched on the lofty peaks of the Western Ghats, the waterfalls offer unrivalled beauty and they are a ‘must see’ experience for the first time visitor to Goa.An adventurous bumpy jeep ride takes you to the drop off area, from which point there is a ten minute hike, passing through lots of lush greenery to get to these spectacular falls (the terrain can be a little rough for anyone with mobility problems). Feed the resident monkeys on your way and don your bathing costume to swim with the carp in the clear cool waters of the refreshing natural pool at the foot of the falls before returning to the jeep for the journey back.

Goa Markets

A visit to the local markets is an experience not to be missed! Find wonderful blends of Gujarati, Kashmiri and Tibetan handicrafts and trinkets, silver jewellery, beautifully embroidered wall hangings and bed covers and even the odd wooden elephant as a reminder of your amazing time in India! Anjuna Wednesday Market Arrive in style in your own exclusively chartered speed-boat. Haggle the day away at Anjuna’s popular weekly flea market and get some amazing bargains to take home. From a laughing buddah souvenir to a dazzling sari, remember to bargain like crazy and you’re sure to secure a great deal! A bargainers paradise with so much to chose from and the prices are incredibly reasonable.Arpora Saturday Night Market Prepare yourself for the energy, vitality and variety of the Saturday night market in Arpora. Stalls galore selling jewellery, clothing, home-wares and souvenirs. Visit the International food court for a wide variety of mouth-watering choices and listen to the live music whilst you enjoy a drink. Have fun searching for bargains and don’t forget to haggle hard!

Historical Houses

A wonderful opportunity to visit some of Goa’s interesting heritage property. The best examples of Goa’s grand mansions can be seen on a drive south of Panaji, between Loutolim and Quepem. These formal two-storey houses resemble the baroque and Italiante palaces of Portuguese noblemen, with courtyards and verandas adapted for the Indian climate. The ornate interiors are ?lled with artifacts from Europe and the Far East and European furniture made by local craftsmen.

Braganza House

Visit the village of Chandor which was once the location of the capital of Chandrapur rulers which also boasts a fort and a temple within its citadel. Well known for its temples and palatial houses we visit the latter on this trip. Braganza House is a vast, sumptuous 17th century Portuguese mansion with a descendant of one of the original owners still living there. Since 1962, Aida de Menezes Braganza has been welcoming visitors to see its Italian mosaic floors, grand ballrooms and family possessions which includes Chinese porcelain, Murano crystal, Japanese ginger jars and Belgian chandeliers.

Palacio de Deao

This 213 year old mansion situated in Quepem on the delightful banks of the Kushavati river was built by the Dean of the Church and founder of Quepem town. It blends together wonderful Hindu and Portuguese architecture and has the most beautiful gardens with many historical features. Unique amongst Indo-Portuguese house types, the structure of the palace shows an interesting adaptation to Indian customs. A heritage house with a difference - where you can explore the property and garden, learn more about the history of Goa, make use of the facilities in the house, relax and read some interesting and rare books on Goan history, arts and crafts and theology from the library. For lunch, enjoy a delicious Indo-Portuguese meal with a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The Old Heritage Inn

One of the most spectacular houses in Loutolim is the home of octogenarian Marie de Lourdes Figueiredo de Albuquerque. The oldest part dates from 1606 and is now the Old Heritage Inn, while the newer wing houses a museum, where Marie shows you family treasures in rooms she played in as a child. The dining room displays a mural of Vasco de Gama’s arrival in India and porcelain made in China for the East India Company.

Houses of Goa

This museum celebrates the state’s distinctive building styles. It’s in the pretty village of Salvador-do-Mundo, just north of Panaji. The owner Gerard da Cunha an architect and another passionate Goa often welcomes visitors and among the exhibits are windows made from oyster shells and model hands holding up Belgian mirrors. The museum is situated over three floors with a small café for refreshments.

Visit to the Market Town of Mapusa

Start the day with a visit to a popular local restaurant serving traditional Indian breakfast.Popular dishes include the classic bhaji-pau, a white bread roll pau served with a delicious potato or mixed vegetable side curry bhaji. Also the mouth- watering crispy masala dosas served with tasty chutneys and idli which are delicious rice cakes eaten with samba and chutney. Washed down with a glass of sweet hot chai it’s simply on of the tastiest breakfasts that you can imagine. Then it’s on to visit the market town of Mapusa pronounced as ‘Mapsa’ by the locals which is the largest town in northern Goa. Mapusa’s main claim to fame is its famous Friday market; people from all over Goa go there to buy and sell their wares. Find ready spiced Goan pork sausages called ‘chouricos’ incense, spices, clothing, fabric, gold and costume jewellery and the famous local liquor such as toddi and cashew feni and even souvenirs from the other states in India. Everything is available at very reasonable prices. A typical bustling Indian town, a visit to Mapusa is sure to give you a feel for the real Goa.

North Goa Beaches and Overnight Beach Hut Stay

A seemingly endless expanse of soft white sand that begins on the banks of the river Chapora in the south and stretches almost uninterrupted for 13kms to the Querim beach on the banks of the river Terekhol and the Maharashta border in the north. The coastline is a wonderful spot to spend the day. Take a long leisurely stroll along the beach or soak up the sun with some serious sunbathing. Experience an overnight stay in a secluded romantic beach hut. The accommodation is clean and comfortable with a shower and European style toilet. If you’re looking for a place to chill then we’ve found the perfect place for you! Located close to the beach, enjoy the stunning sunset and be soothed to sleep by the sound of the gently lapping waves.
Experience an overnight stay in a secluded romantic beach hut. The accommodation is clean and comfortable with a shower and European style toilet. If you’re looking for a place to chill then we’ve found the perfect place for you! Located close to the beach, enjoy the stunning sunset and be soothed to sleep by the sound of the gently lapping waves.


is a place with real colour and character. Follow the narrow hillside path to the myriad of quaint shops and restaurants and then on to the beach for a relaxing afternoon


is one of the most picturesque beaches in North Goa with a stunning backdrop of tall pine trees and mountains. Accessed by a rickety wooden handmade bridge over a small creek, it is just the perfect place to unwind.


is the southern most beach on this coast. The State Forest department operated a very successful conservation programme for the olive Ridley sea turtles at Morjim. The village lies stretched out behind the beach and the landscape is a beautiful mix of jungle forest and palm tree groves and well kept local houses.

Old Goa and Panaji Visit

Visit Goa’s top historical attraction Old Goa. The Portuguese ruled over Goa from 1512 to 1961 and Old Goa was the former colonial capital for the first 350 years. Its late Renaissance and Portuguese inspired architecture is breathtaking and it was recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Once so grand it was said to have rivalled Lisbon in magnificence, it is definitely worth a visit to view the imposing cathedral and churches which remain.
Panaji or Panjim as it is commonly known is Goa’s relaxed capital where you can shop till you drop or dine in old-fashioned Portuguese style at some of the best restaurants in Goa. It has its own charm with a river flowing along one side of the city and even a Latin Quarter at the eastern end of town. It is shaping itself as a centre where cultures (many from across the globe, and from diverse area of India too) meet and creativity flourishes. It’s certainly an understated gem and one not to miss if you want to see the true heart of Goa.

Terekhol Fort & Querim Beach ~ North of Arambol

Querim Beach, popularly known as Keri Beach, is one of the most tranquil sandy beaches in Goa. Enjoy a leisurely swim and lunch at a beach shack. Located 5 km north of Arambol and south of the Terekhol River, this beach overlooks the famous ancient Portuguese fort known as the Terekhol Fort. At the northernmost point of Goa the fort was originally built by the Marathas in the early 17th century and is now a luxury hotel. Take the Querim’s ferry service for Terekhol to visit the fort and its surrounding area with stunning views out over Querim, the Terekhol River and the sparkling Arabian Sea.

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