A little bit about Indigoa

We provide accommodation in Goa which offers exceptional value for money. Our properties are handpicked and we have villas and apartments suitable for solo travellers, couples, families and large groups.
We want our guests to see the true Goa in all its glory and our tour experiences have been specially designed with this in mind. This tiny emerald state boasts so much history and culture with so many unforgettable experiences to choose from. Our tours and day trips have been carefully chosen to ensure our guests enjoy the local culture at their leisure. We take care of all the little details, leaving them free to enjoy every moment of their holiday.
Our cooking school offers our guests an authentic hands-on cooking experience to learn how to cook delicious Indian and Goan food. We explode the mystique surrounding this exotic food and our chefs demonstrate the skills used in creating delicious Indian meals that can be easily replicated at home.

Why customers love us

Above all we want our guests to experience the real Goa. We take care of things from the moment they arrive to the moment they have to say a reluctant farewell to this majestic land and we guarantee, the more they explore, the more they will be captivated by this little haven!

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